Top 5 Qualities to get a girlfriend!

Top 5 Qualities to get a girlfriend!

If you are reading this article than definately you are looking for a girlfriend.
So you dont have those skills to impress a girl? Not an issue, this article will definately guide you through all the important steps and will make sure you succeed after reading this!

Lets start with some most important points :
Why we want a “Girlfriend” ?
Everyone would define it in there own way, but what does it really means?

According to me, when we come back at home and find ourself alone and lonely, and think that there must be some person with whom we can discuss our feelings!
When we want someone who can understand our needs and feelings without expressing them!
When we want someone with whom we can discuss very silly things!
When we want some who can love us more than anyone else in this world!
When we want someone who will always take our side wheather we are wrong or right!
And the list continues…

This is why we want a girlfriend.

So these were my top 5 reasons why I need a girlfriend, Wats your’s ?

Now just have a look on following qualities one should have to get a girlfriend and try to adapt them.

1st Quality:

Ask yourself whether you are ready for a girlfriend?

All relationships in this world require one common and most important thing and that is commitment. If you are not ready to commit, this might be a reason why you are single yet.
Girls sense this thing immidiately when you approach her for first time. And you can only commit something when you are ready for that, and you are ready only if you are stable. To be stable either you should have a secured future or have a plan how you are going to make it secure.
This is important for you as well very much important for her.

Or if you are just looking for a temporary relationship to get benifits out of it, then let me tell you it wont last for a long time.

2nd Quality:

Be passionate.

You must have passion for something this is not only important to get a girlfriend but also to have some goal in your life to be successful and to be someone.
Not only girls but everyone likes a person who is passioante of doing something to be someone in life.
Your passion will not only make money for you but will also show how intelligent you are and
how you drive your dreams and goals.

3rd Quality:

Be Confident:

One should be always confident to impress anyone. A confident person always represents things in a more positive way, he never complains for anything, he has confident that he can overtake any critical situation in his life.
You dont need to show your confidence by doing something but it will reflect in whatever you do or whatever you speak. So confidence should be a part of your nature.
And if you are facing problem in beign a confident guy then just remember one thing:
Always concentrate on your strengths and what you have with you, and never think of what you dont have.

4th Quality:

Be a good Listener:

Every good conversation starts with good Listening!
If you are a good listner you will know the person in depth and that can build a very strong connection. Eventually you will start looking for the similarites between both of you and which can develop a healthy relation.
And always remember onlya good listner can be a good speaker.

A good Listner is very nearly as attractive as a good talker. You cannot have a beautiful mind if you do not know how to listen.
– Edward De Bono

5th Quality:

Do not be desparate.

Wanting a girlfriend is normal thing and is accepted but thinking of it all time and started beign a desperate soul will lead you no where.
Girls have a good pair of antena by which they can sense many things and this one is the first most thing they sense.
Beign desparate for anything is wrong and beign in realtionship is something very beautiful and getting it desperately will ruin everythig.

Now you must be thinking how to stop beign Desparate?
So here’s the key!

Grow your network and make some good feamle friends, also engage youself in works that you find intresting and stop thinking about having a girlfriend.

And now you have all the qualities to earn a girlfriend so just go through “How to get a grilfriend ?”


And remember :

“Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day…”