Top 10 Mantras to impress any girl:

Top 10 Mantras to impress any girl:

How to impress a girl?

Many subjects cannot be self-learned. If you want to learn medicine, you need to join a medical college, one which also runs a hospital, so that you can experiment, legally, with humans.

If you want to become a mechanical engineer, you need to join a college that has enough infrastructure to teach you, or intern at a manufacturing company. You cannot buy a lathe machine and learn mechanical engineering from your home through trial and error.

But this subject is self-learning subject on trial and error basis.

If you ask this question to 10 people you are going to get 100 answers, each answer with their own experience, you can ask this question to your father too, he must be having his own experience, well I was kidding don’t try this especially if you are in India otherwise I have to write an article on “Top 10 Mantras to bear your father’s slap”.

On the internet, you will find an answer to this question in many ways answered by many different people.

But there are some important tips that you need to follow in order to impress any girl in the world.

Follow the following mantras and I bet you can impress any girl around you.

Mantra 1:

The first and most important thing is, you don’t impress a girl by doing something, but by being someone.

When you want to impress someone you act like a person you think they want you to be, and that is not the “Real you” express yourself as you are but in a more lovely manner that she will love you.

And for doing this you should improve yourself in every manner.

Be a great guy who loves and cares for everyone.

A great guy is the one who is humble, polite, loving, caring, respectful, considerate and attentive towards his woman’s needs.

Mantra 2:

Prepare for your date in every aspect.

Be it dressing or which shoes to wear or which all places to visit and most important what to talk. This is your first date and you cannot be blank and make her feel bored, so plan properly what are you going to talk about, now I know you cannot decide everything in advance but at least you will be having a backup plan in case things are moving off your way.

Open up and let her open to you, building trust is most important and this can happen only if you communicate with her.Now you might be interested in a list of questions what to ask her? So just follow the following link by New York Times

“List of 36 questions that lead to love”

Mantra 3:

Smell nice, look good and dress Smartly.

These are very important factors and are not needed to explain why they are very much important. As this will show what kind of a person you are. It doesn’t mean you have to buy costly products to attract her.Be smart in what you have.

Mantra 4:

Ask her for a date and take the lead.(But where to go?)

Now here the most important thing is “Location “. Which is the best place to take her for a date?

There is no specific answer for this, you should be aware of places where she likes to go.

But do remember that the date should not be like sitting in a coffee shop for a long time and wasting the opportunity. Your date should be interesting and that can be done only when you plan for multiple venues.

If it’s your first date and you want to impress girls in few hours, scientists suggest choosing the date place where the girl’s brain is likely to release “Dopamine”. Few ideas are like a bike ride, amusement park, a roller coaster ride, a night club with loud pulsing music, a game zone etc. Where she can enjoy a lot with you.

All these scenarios will make the girl experience a phycological arousal.

She will wake up in the next morning with a happy smile thinking about last great evening and further thinking to meet you again.

Mantra 5:

Do not agree with everything she says.

Being too nice is a recipe for ‘friendship’

Agreeing with whatever she says will make the conversation boring, so it’s your responsibility to make it more interesting. Disagree her in some scenarios but in a polite way.

Do not disagree her in everything,there must be some sensible reason and she should feel that you give importance to her way of thinking also.

Mantra 6:

Be Humorous.

Girls like a person with good sense of humor who can make them laugh.

But no one would like to date a clown, so after every now and then come back to the reality and be serious on some topics.

Crack jokes but those jokes should not be on others it should be generous and should not be insulting to anyone.

Mantra 7:

Be a great storyteller.

Every person on earth has their own stories.

Tell her some interesting stories about you, try to describe the stories in a more fun way, do not over exaggerate this stories that she may start feeling bored.

As your date progresses try to make these stories more personal.Ask her about her stories.

This will make your conversation more interesting.

Mantra 8:

Always be Positive.

Not only girls but nobody on this planet like a person who always complains or bitches about others.

A good man is the one who has a positive attitude towards life and the people around him.He is happy with his life and constantly tries to find ways to help others. He is upbeat and looks for the good in others.He smiles and laughs often.

So always be positive.

Mantra 9:

Don’t be fake.

Always be the person who you are if you are serious for the girl and if you are not serious don’t read this blog!!! Just joking guys, see if you are not serious about that girl then it really doesn’t matter how to express yourself.

So never fake yourself in front of her, always be genuine.

Mantra 10:

Don’t over do anything.

Plan your date properly and finish it in time.Girls like a punctual person.

And when you will ask for leave before she asks it will create a great impression on her that you are not desperate and have patience.

So just finish your date and ask for leave.Do not forget to ask her closing question like:

“How was the day?”

“I really liked spending time with you today. When can I see you again?”

“This was the most memorable day for me, I hope it was the same for you too!”

By following all mantras you can surely impress any girl on this planet.

Always remember that:

“Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t”