7 Steps to Communicate with a Girl for First Time

Are you scared and not getting the proper words and lines while approaching a girl you like? Continue reading to find the best solution and we promise after reading this you can easily speak to any gorgeous and beautiful girl you want.. Excited? Let’s start!

Well if a girl searches on “How to talk to boys for first time?”, it will be just a single line answer and that is simply “just pass a smile looking at the boy” 🙂

But that is not the case with us guys, so don’t even try this directly or it will lead you in trouble.

Just follow the following “Algorithm”.

Before following the steps given always remember the following thought:

To learn something new, you need to try new things and not be afraid to be wrong.”

Step 1:

As you are approaching a girl it means definitely you like her and now you have decided to move a step ahead, Stop….. Stop ….. Stop…

Before moving to these step just find out :

1) Does she like someone else?

2) Is she single? (Hurrrryyyyy!)

If its category 1 then just let it go and don’t approach that girl, as it will be of no use wooing a girl who already likes someone else.

You are a smart and young guy you can find some other girl easily, don’t waste your time.

Now if she falls in category 2, you can continue with following steps.

Step 2:

Be very much confident about yourself, you are Smart, Intelligent and Young guy and there is no reason you should feel low about yourself.Believe me, you’re not alone, a huge percentage of guys are shy talking to a girl for

Believe me, you’re not alone, a huge percentage of guys are shy talking to a girl for first time.

And if you are reading this you are no more amongst them.

Step 3:

Always dress well and smell well, nobody knows when you will get chance to move close to her, so be always prepared. Comb your hair properly, keep your beard properly trimmed and most importantly – Choose colorful dresses (it does’not mean you should wear everything colorful like “Govinda”) wear fresh and bright colors which will makes her eyes to notice you in crowd.

Step 4:

Make eye contact, now this is the most important step one should follow. Spend few days catching her gaze. Do not stare at her continuously, instead try to give her a look eventually till both of your eyes meets and she catches you(because catches wins matches). And when your eyes meet with her just give her a small and quick smile and look away, you are going to be nervous at this stage for very first time but don’t worry the very next day you are going to be more excited to have an eye contact.

Follow this thing for some days (not more than 4 days)

Step 5:

Now its time to start a conversation. As you have decided to start the communication just pick right time and right place to initiate talk.

Don’t try to talk to her when she is too busy in something or she is not in good mood, you must take care of this. Try to find some privacy as she should not get distracted in some other things.

The best opening can be while taking a walk, like if she is walking towards class join her and have your first conversation or she is heading towards home.

Keep some time limit, do not continue talking for long time as this is the first meeting, she should have excitement for the further meetings.

Now following are some important topics to talk:

a) Compliment her:

There are three major things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.

This is the most important thing to do. Everyone likes when they are appreciated. The compliment must not be fake. And it should be small and sweet. For example your dress is pretty or your hairstyle suits you etc.

b) Ask her about herself :

What she does or where she works or studies can be casual questions but try to respond her properly like “Great! It’s interesting”…. Make her feel like you want to know more about her.

The most important thing is to be a good listener.

c) Try to find something common between both of you, while knowing about her try to find some connections like the kind of food she likes or what types of song she likes or if she says she likes singing. Pretend you too love singing and you can say “the last time I sung, all people came to me but not to give compliments but to warn me if I sing again”. You can crack jokes on yourself but do not crack jokes on her in initial stages. Make her feel special.

d) Tell her about yourself:

Follow this step only when you built some connection with her as in starting she might not be interested to know about you but once you build some connection and find similarities between both of you then she might be more interested to know about you.

e) Be a cheerful and funny guy:

No one likes a guy who is always complaining or is surrounded by worries so always be cheerful. Everyone has problems in their life, they are not interested in yours. So try to crack jokes, be casual.

f) Don’t over do anything:

Try to be limited in initial moves. Do not exaggerate anything.

Step 6:

Make her laugh: If you have any joke just crack it if you feel she will like it. Girls like guys with good sense of humor. If she does not understand your joke don’t try to explain her until she asks by herself, immediately move on if you find she does not understand your joke.

Step 7:

End the conversation by your end: Try to find a way to gracefully end the conversation before it goes stale.

For starters, be sure to avoid doing these 7 things when talking to women.

Always Remember “Great Things Happens When You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone…….”