How to ask a girl for outing and where to go?

This is the most common question among all young and single boys. While the answer is pretty simple text her or call her and ask for a date, but it depends on how and when you say it.

I have seen many guys who want to approach a girl find it the scariest thing to do. They go completely blank and find no words to say in front of that girl, even there are some guys who gather their guts and try to speak but when they speak the voice automatically goes thinner they start sweating like a coke.

But guys asking a girl for out or to be frank asking a girl for DATE is not a Rocket Science!

If you plan it properly a girl can never say no, it will be always yes.

So keep reading to unlock this Mysterious question “How to ask a girl for an outing?”

Step 1:

Make it clear:

You have to be sure that she knows you, so initially built a good and strong relationship between both of you. She should trust you only then she will agree to go out with you and this is possible only if she knows you very well, so initially have patience and develop a healthy relationship with her. If this is the first time you are approaching a girl please visit “7 Steps to Communicate with a Girl for First Time” and “Top 10 Mantras to Impress a Girl”.

Step 2:

Ask her for a date.

As you are on step 2 it means that now she knows you very well and now its time to ask her for an outing, But how will you ask her? Is the big question.

Nowadays due to social media boys make a major mistake and that is they text her and ask for outing this so disgusting. In a survey, 50% of women said that texting made it harder for them to figure out if a date was a date and 85% said that they would love if a boys ask them for out on a call.

Guys 85% is not a small amount.

So always remember you must ask her for out either on call or when she is in front of you never ever text her and ask for out.

Always keep it clear in front of her that you like her otherwise you will get stuck in friendship zone and which is very difficult to break.

Step 3:

Always ask a girl for outing on a high note:

I have seen many guys who ruin of getting yes from a girl just because they have chosen wrong timing to ask a girl for out.

Always remember never walk directly to her and ask her for out or when she is in middle of something and not in a mood, you have to be cautious. Now you want a key to get yes from a girl when you ask her for out so just follow the article.

Ask her for out when she is enjoying talking with you and you will definitely get a yes from her.

No wonder many guys fail in this subject because they choose a wrong time and wrong situation.

Following are the best situations when to ask a girl for out:

1) When she is Laughing with you.

2) When she is speaking about herself.

3) When she is completely in you and staring you.

Step 4:

Take a Lead.

Be a person who always takes lead whenever necessary. Ask her for out and you be the person who is planning it from scratch. Don’t be a guy who is asking her where to go or what to do.

Always have a plan in fact a perfect plan, right from the time you meet her till you drop her again.

At least during first few dates, you plan the date properly. Plan some surprises for her girls go crazy when they get good surprises. Make her feel special, always remember when you take her for outing the very first time make sure you plan some good surprise for her, it doesn’t mean you need to plan something big even small surprise gives big satisfaction and happiness.

Step 5:

Be Unique and Different.

It is true that you like her, but this must not be the first time if someone is asking her for out.

Before you many must have asked her for an outing, so don’t be in the same category of boring guys to whom she has already rejected. Be unique and different. She must have already been asked for break fast, tea, lunch, Coffee and maybe dinner too. So if you will do the same you are making her remember of those old and boring dates.

So do something on your date that she’s never done with any loser guy. Make a proper plan for your first date. Never go and sit at one place instead plan for multiple locations.

Always remember your first date with her should be so exciting that she should start missing you.

So to make it exciting visit some exciting places, take her on a bike ride and then visit an amusement park go on a roller-coaster ride even you can visit a game zone and have fun with her.

She is really going to miss you from next day and thereafter every day.

Step 6:

Make her laugh:

Girls are very sensitive and emotional, they love the feeling of love and joy.

So try to keep her enjoying and laughing throughout your date. The best way is to take her to some comedy shows, a stand-up comedy show will be the best place. So now you both are enjoying being together and you are making her laugh without taking many efforts now when you are out of this comedy show still you will notice you are discussing on the same thing and enjoying your time.

Now when she is back to her place and her friends are asking her about her date, how she is going to describe it? Absolutely fantastic and full of laughter and here you are now a hero of her story.

These were the important 6 steps to follow and make a girl always remember about you and that lovely moment spent with you throughout her life.

And always remember “It Always Seems Impossible Until its Done”.