Do’s and Dont’s While approaching a girl!

Do’s and Dont’s While approaching a girl!

Are you tired of being a guy who looks at a beautiful woman but not having the guts to ask her for a date so you must read 7 Steps to Communicate with a Girl for First Time!

But what about if you have already approached a girl and started the conversation with her, now there is only one problem “What are you supposed to do once you have approached a girl ?”

It’s not that complicated as it seems, so just follow the following tips of Do’s and Dont’s when approaching a girl!

Dont’s Num 1:

Never avoid eye contact:

Studies have shown that if you are having 8 seconds of continuous eye contact with a girl it means you both are interested in each other.

The eyes are the most effective tool in convincing her of your honesty, openness, and confidence.

A great eye contact can turn her on and intensify a situation

Looking into someone’s eyes changes the entire conversation and eye contact is a way more important than words can ever be.

So never avoid eye contact as it indicates that you are hiding something.

When you look in her eyes, you communicate confidently and belief in your point of view. One of the most powerful means of communicating confidence and conviction is sustained focused eye contact.

It shows Respect, Interest, Appreciation, Understanding towards her.

If you are having a good eye contact with her it means she is interested in you.

And do you know:

the best feeling is when you look at her and she is already staring ”

Dont’s num 2:

Never Hide your intention:

I have seen many guys from hiding their intention while approaching a girl.

Well, comeon guys she knows why you are approaching her, it’s of no use in hiding it.

They think she will know it, that you are following her but honestly guys she already knows this.

Even there is no need to state your intention right away but you need to do this as soon as possible.

When I meet a girl I generally say:

Hello, how are you, you look gorgeous and I had to come to meet you”

While saying this you make your intention clear that you like her and interested in talking to her. And guys trust me there is no girl in this world who doesn’t like to be appreciated.

Dont’s Num 3:

Never speak in a low voice:

I have seen people speaking too softly or in a very low voice when they approach a girl. Your voice shows your confidence so try to be loud and clear enough that she can easily hear what you are saying and your voice should show that you are a very much confident person.

Please remember that it should be loud and not shout. Try to speak from your chest instead of throat.

Dont’s Num 4:

Never sound Boring:

The worst thing that you can do is to bore her.

Like you many guys must have approached her in previous so many years and today she is single it means all those guys were boring for her, so if you answer her in the same way as those guys, she will not be interested in you too.

So stop boring her else she will not have the interest to know about you further.

Just have a look at the following conversation:

Guy: Hii…

Girl: hello….

Guy: Wats your name?

Girl: Shanaya, and wats your?

Guy: Varun.

Guy: What do you do?

This kind of questions will lead to be an interrogative type of conversation and end up with nothing. The girl will be no more interested in talking to you when you meet her next time.

Instead, the conversation should be as following:

Guy: Hii..

Girl: hello…

Guy: Wats your name?

Girl: Shanaya, and wats your?

Guy: Varun, by the way, your name sounds good, what does it mean?

This one short question will open many possibilities for further conversation and even she will feel something different.

Further, you can ask her about her hobbies and try to add some sensible jokes in it.

Try to keep the conversation light and funny instead of making it boring and interrogative type.

Don’t keep on asking a question one after the other instead ask her one question and try to discuss that, it will make the conversation more healthy.

Dont’s Num 5:

Never stay at one place.

Sitting at one coffee shop or going for a movie is the most boring date. Keep your date moving from one place to another.

If it’s your first date and you want to impress girls in few hours, scientists suggest choosing the date place where the girl’s brain is likely to release “Dopamine”. Few ideas are like a bike ride, amusement park, a roller coaster ride, a night club with loud pulsing music, a game zone etc. Where she can enjoy a lot with you.

All these scenarios will make the girl experience a phycological arousal.

She will wake up the next morning with a smile thinking about last great evening and further thinking to meet you again.

Always remember guys No one has born perfect” and

Making mistakes is lot better than doing nothing”