6 Reasons why your looks matters!


“Does looks matters ? ”
This is the question that I have heard from many people or they ask “If we have good qualities then should we pay attention towards our looks ? ”
To answer this question i have one question for you guys:
When you meet someone for the first time how much time do you have to create a good impresion, I think, less than 30 seconds, because in this 30 seconds the person will check you out from your hairs to shoes and further he will communicate accordingly.
So if you have such a small span of time, then why not leave a mark?

It is frequently said “Don’t judge a book by its cover” on the other side if the book has a beautiful cover it not only gets a desired attention but also good appriciation. Likely our appearance has a great role in impression that we leave on people and the way we are treated further.
So if it has such a great impact then why not create a great impression?

Every occasion and surounding requires a particular type of dressing for e.g when we move in an hospital we expect doctor to wear a white appron in the same way when we move in an Bank we expect the manager to wear a proffesoinal outfit like Tie, Suit etc.
When we see them in this atire we get more confident that we are with right person.

Agreed that you have lots of good qualities but before opening your mouth your appearance will speak a lot about you.

So looks matters a lot and there are 6 main reasons why one should pay attention towards his looks.

Reason 1:

Dressing is directly proportional to your Confidence !

We all have an assumption that a well dressed person should be treated well and with respect, same goes when you stand in front of the mirror. When you look at yourself and you get the feeling of respect automatically people will start respecting you. People perform well when they are confident and when you wear well-fitted outfits which are designed for you, you stay more confident and focused because you pay less attention towards your appearance.
And whenever it comes to perform something in front of group you can walk confidently and perform.
Now just imagine your interview day, how you have dressed ? Same like others you must have dressed well and that was the only reason why you were confident in that interview and you cracked it.

Reason 2:

Dressing is directly proportinal in creating positive first impression !

Your dressing has direct affect on people’s default assumption, as said earlier before opening your mouth they will judge you and further treat you likely. So the better you dress, the more respect you are going to get from others. When you dress well you stay more confident and positive. When you get good responce from other people your attitude towards everything goes positive.
When you dress well and appear in front of someone, even that person gets positive feeling about you, on the contrary just imagine an ugly person appearing before you, now what will be your reaction? Definately you wont like him. Even there are chances that person would be good by his nature, but we give first prefrence to our eyes.
So to create positive enviorment around yourself you must dress well.

Reason 3:

Dressing is directly proportional to your Status !

Have you seen any Doctor wearing a toque blanche (traditional hat), white double-breasted jacket like a chef wears. Yes probably it will be very funny to see a doctor wearing a chef outfit.
Or even it would be very funny to see a beager in, well dressed suit and pant, do not forget to imagine a beager wearing a “Tie”.
So the point is, the way you dress will represent you.
When a rich person or an VIP person arrives in party, they get everyones attention and here even if they crack a silly joke everyone will find it funny. So how all this happened ? Was it a magic ?
Try this for next time you attend a party, dress like you are the richest person in this world and you will find that you are a magnet who is attracting people towards him.(Even your behaviour should compliment your dressing).
Even the brand you use reeflects your status, it doesnt mean you should always buy branded and costly outfits, but yes I must say you should have atleast few of them for speacial occassion. Beacuse it really matters what you wear and how you wear.

Reason 4:

Dressing is directly proprtional to Responsibility !

Yes you heard it right. Your dressing styles trains you to be a responsible person.
When you always dress well, you genrate a habbit to lookafter, wheather your clothes are properly washed or not and are they ironed properly, you pay attention on which types of clothes should be ironed and which not.
You will always take care that your shoes are properly polished and they are matching your dress.
You will take care of which color socks pair you should wear.
So in short you will prepare yourself ready for the next day, it makes you more responsible and slowly you genrate a mindset and habit to be responsible in every possible way.

Now here a father can say that “My child has grown-up !”

Reason 5:

Dressing is directly proportional to Attention !

Now just imagine you are using lift of your office and a person comes and stands in front of you, suddenly you pay attention on his shirt collar and you find it dirty. How you noticed that thing ?
This is because once you start paying attention towards your dressing, you start noticing them on other person too.
This makes your attention more clear, and when you meet a person for first time you can judge him in less that 30 seconds, and further you can decide how much time you should spent on him.

Reason 6:

Dressing colors are directly proportional to what type of person you are !

Faber Birren was an expert on colors and has written over 2 dozen books on them.
He strongly belived that 85% of communication was non verbal and one can make a fairly accurate judgement about what kind of person one is, by just looking at his dressing colors.

The type of colors you choice for your outfits gives a brief discription about your nature and behaviour.
Please find below the meaning of colors and what kind of behaviour it represents:

1) Red: Aggressive, Energetic, Passionate person.
2) Orange: Social person .
3) Yellow: Supirior, concentrated , not shy, logical & consistent person.
4) Green: Very social, enviorment friendly, good sence of balance.
5) Black: Authority.
6) White: Simplicity, Precision and Goodness.

Above details are for reference that you can use while selecting your dress for particular occasion.
Like if you are appearing and interview than you should not go with red or orange color, instead you should choose black or white.
Same if you are on date then your first choose should be Red.

So these were some important reasons why your looks matters and what they convey about you.
Next time be wise to choose your dress.

And just remember:
“Fashoin is art and you are the Canvas . ”