6 Important tips to impress a girl on chatting!

So you like a girl who sits next to you in your class or office, but doesn’t have guts to talk to her, no problem it is where chatting can help you. We are in the 21st century a technology driven world where human relationships are no longer bound to physical meetings.

As everyone says “First impression is the last impression” it follows in chatting too.

Now there are many advantages of chatting with some disadvantages too, so before we move ahead with our journey I would insist you to read these advantages and disadvantages as they are very important to be understood.


1) Having a physical chat for the first time with a person whom you like will make you much much nervous but now in chatting that person is not in front of you so the pressure will be less.

2) While planning for physical chat you have to plan where you can find her alone so that she can completely focus on you but in chatting this is already achieved.

3) There are many feelings which we cant say but we can write those feelings easily, so this is a great advantage. Here you can express yourself easily.

4) While chatting you can send her songs or videos which can express your feelings and make her feel special.


1) Here the person is not in front of you so you have to be more cautious while selecting the words you type as she might not understand in what sense you are talking, whether the particular sentence was in a funny way or it was a serious one, so try to use emojis.

2) As she is not in front of you so it will be very difficult to judge her mood and which is very important in initial chats. So try to judge whether she is happy or disappointed by something.

3) We have very less time to impress her and as she cannot see your expressions, emotions there are only words that can impress her so try to use proper words.

So these were some advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of so that you can communicate with her more effectively.

Now let’s begin our journey of How to chat with girls to impress them:

Tip Num 1:

Be online when she is online.

The most important thing is to first study her routine. When she comes online how much time she stays, keep tracking her for some days also start liking what she likes the posts, the photos and everything else, if you study her profile properly you will come to know about her likes and dislikes. Now when you are sure about her timings drop your message at a right time when she is available for a long time and try to start a conversation.

Tip Num 2:

Stay Confident:

When you meet a girl physically you always think about your looks and get nervous so here you don’t need to worry about your looks, you can stay very much confident.

It really matters to be confident though she cannot see you, but your words will express your positive and confident attitude.

And not only women but everyone likes a person with Confident attitude. So every reply from your side should reflect your confidence. Like if she asks:

Girl: What are you doing?

Guy: Nothing!

Now don’t reply that you are doing nothing, even though you are doing nothing give her some good answer which will take your conversation ahead and be confident while giving an answer.

If it’s night and the time is 11:00 pm, you can say,

Guy: Playing cricket!!!

Yes, I know who plays cricket at 11:00 am and she will think the same and ask you more questions, now you can say you were joking.

Tip Num 3:

Choose some interesting topics.

It is the most important thing as you are going to have very less time, so you have to choose interesting topics which will engage her in chatting with you.

If you know that girl than you should choose the topic in which she is more interested and if she is a stranger to you, following are some questions which will engage her in chatting with you. This was my personal experience, so just try to obsereve:

The day when we started to chat was independence day though that was not the first time I text her, it was the first time I got reply from her after chasing her for a completely month,

Me: Hey, Happy Independence Day…

She: Happy Independence Day to you too…

Me: You seem to be true Indian…

She: Why?

Me: Didn’t got reply on friendship day but Independence day turned lucky for me 🙂

She: Hahaha, yes true Indian…

She : Need to go, the mobile battery is too low.

Me: Should I get my charger for you? (It shows you don’t want her to go )

She: Hahaha, ya sure bring it immediately…(It shows she is interested to continue chatting with you)

And further Continued till 3:00 am…

So your chatting must be interesting. Frame your answers properly and in a funny manner when needed, try to give some compliments to her while chatting, Ask her questions which will let you know about her and further you can make the chatting more interesting.

Tip Num 4:

Get to know her more deeply:

Once you started chatting try to know more and more about her. Do not talk to some third person or else the chat will become boring. Encourage her to speak more instead of talking about yourself, don’t worry she will automatically ask you about yourself, by that time try to understand her, what kind of person is she? However, they feel worse if you assume a disinterested and silent stance throughout the conversation.

Try to keep the conversation about her and your opinion, discuss more on what she likes and why she likes that, when she asks you something about your describe it properly.

Tip Num 5:

Find connections between you and her.

Once you started knowing her, try to find some connections between you and her. It may be same movies or same singers or same type of food or same places to visit, once you started finding connections she will be more interested in you as she will find you more friendly and close.

Try to discuss her problems, about her family and more. Be a good listener.

Tip Num 6:

Being Unavailable:

After a good time passes and you make a routine to have a talk with her daily on a particular time then after some days don’t be available for a day or two because as you both will develop habit to talk with each other and suddenly if you are not available she will start missing you and she will understand her feelings towards you.

So, guys, these were some tips which will definitely help you to earn a good friend and maybe a life partner too. Just follow all rules even you can visit “Top 10 Mantras to impress a girl” and “7 Steps to Communicate with a Girl for First Time”.

And finally always remember: