5 Most Important Tips to Remember while dressing for your First Date:

5 Important Tips to Remember while dressing for your First Date:

“Clothes make the man, Naked people have little or no influence on Society”

As said above and, for boys, Girls are the only Society. So dressing well is the key rule to impress any girl in this lovely world.
We all have been gone through this. The butterflies and the anticipation, the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by our emotions i.e    Our first date. This is the dream come true when you get a chance to date your Dream Girl. Now you want to make sure nothing goes wrong.You want to make a lasting impression on her, and for that, you kept on practicing hour after hour in front of your long length mirror. You asked your friend to act like a girl and rehashed the topics to talk about, making sure you laughed just right.And made a list of the potential places you might want to hang out.
There are lot of things to consider when you are on your first date, believe me or not but girls judge a lot on their first date because for them, it’s a question of whole life and when it comes to dressing just remember one thing, 90% of your body is covered by clothes and if they are attractive you are attractive and if not then probably this would be your last date with that girl. Because how you dress speaks a lot about your character.
Hence, this is not an article about how you should dress when you are hanging out with your common female friends. So be serious about how you dress and this article will teach you the same.

Tip# 1:

First Impression is the last impression.

It is very true, So dress in a manner that she understands you take her seriously, that this date could lead to the biggest commitment of your lives. Because it just might.
When you meet a girl for your first date, before you open your mouth or have a handshake or before you have done anything, she has started her evaluation on you. Now it is not just important to present your best self, but you should portray your image that explains who you really are and what she likes.
Now it doesn’t means, blowing your bank account on a whole new wardrobe. Be simple and avoid big statements such as flashy watches and jewelry. After all, you want your date looking at you, not the accessories.
Try to find what she likes in your initial talks before date keep those things in mind while selecting your outfits.
And create your First impression as a marvelous impression.

Tip# 2:

Be comfortable in what you are wearing.

If you are not comfortable you are making her uncomfortable. So be wise while selecting your clothes as the date is going to last for at least some hours. You can wear anything you want, as long as you are comfortable in your outfits and no matter how much you want to impress your date, you should still look like yourself.

Do remember that your date wants to date you and not some celebrity that you would like to emulate. When you dress up casually, do not wear a tee shirt with vulgar words written, unless she is cool about it which you will know as I assume you have interacted with her to the amount to know her likes and dislikes.

Tips# 3:

What to wear depends on where you go! 

Your dressing should always depend on the venue you select for Date.Wearing randomly anything will spoil your impression as your dressing reflects your understanding of situational awareness.
So if it’s a Movie or Dinner date, it might be more casual so you can choose, Cotton Shirts without a tie and a casual pant or jeans but every thing should be properly ironed. And if you are wearing a shirt make sure you tuck in your shirt. If it’s a picnic date or a park date you can choose jeans and a nice t shirt or even a hoodie jacket if weather allows you.If it’s a morning walk date then you can choose some sports outfit.
Same thing goes with your shoes too. It should always match with your dress, If you are wearing a casual pant do not choose a sports shoe and likewise.
And finally, it always boils down to where your date is.

Tip# 4:

Smell Good! Smell is an essential sense when it comes to attracting women. 

People who smell good are automatically more attractive. You might have seen deodorants ads where women get attracted to guys with yummy smell though it is not true to the extent it is shown in ads yes, your smell creates an impact on girls in their subconscious mind. Not only your deodorants or scent but also your aftershave smell leaves an impact on girls mind. If a man smells good it certainly helps him earn brownie points with girls.
It is the sense which she is going to remember for a long term. And it will help women to fall for you physically too.
So, guys, it is important to satisfy women’s olfactory senses.

Tip# 5:

Never overdo it!

Whatever you wear or how you smell should be limited and attractive, if you overdo anything will reduce your points. If you are applying a scent it should be limited and pleasant because if you apply more than the expected amount, it will distract the focus of your partner and will irritate her. If you are wearing accessories it should be limited, you should not empty the whole jewelry box on you. It again distracts the focus of your partner from you, and you definitely don’t want this. So never overdo it!

# Important Tip:

This is a date. You need to dress up the part, show that it’s something special. Show that you dressed up for her. So wear a shirt and trousers (chinos if you have any) and wear some cologne and some nice shoes.
Lastly be yourself unless you behave like Shakti Kapoor then don’t be yourself 🙂

Also, don’t go empty handed. Get some beautiful gift for your beautiful girl.

And never forget:

You can have anything you want If you dress for it

~Edith Head